Team STEAM Virtual classes

Team STEAM is so excited to share the next phase of our initiative: virtual STEAM classes! We have already conducted a two-week session and have another one planned for the coming weeks. In the coming months, we hope to roll out our own, monthly independent classes. Stay tuned for updates on our past, present, and future classes!


What are team steam classeS?

Team STEAM offers online classes through Zoom to expose elementary-aged students to STEAM and topics related to STEAM. We strive to incorporate all aspects of STEAM into our classes, through a mix of PowerPoint lessons, engaging discussions, activities, and demonstrations. All of our classes are planned well in advance to support an enriching environment for students to have fun and learn simultaneously.


These classes are extremely flexible and we encourage students to get involved with Team STEAM outside of just our online classes, whether it be by participating in our art gallery or joining our Team.

Photo to the left is from Day 4 of our Team STEAM X ICM classes, where students stepped into the shoes of an engineer to design and build a house.


STEAM is not limited to simply science or technology; it is not confined to what one topic has to offer. STEAM explores the relationship between different types of fields and topics: how science and art intertwine or how math is essential to both engineering and technology. Team STEAM's goal to help students learn how the different topics of STEAM connect and hopefully spark an interest in one or multiple of these subjects.

Some skills and topics that students learn:

-How art is crucial to engineering buildings such as houses. Students explored this through our house designing and building activity. 

-The implications of humans on our natural world. Students delved into climate change through a virtual game.

-How to think critically to answer questions even if the answer is not obvious. Instructors constantly ask engaging questions during the class.

       + many more!

Art Class



6/29/20 - 7/9/20

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7/20/20 - 7/30/20

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