Team STEAM X Masjid al-salam classes

Team STEAM is so excited for our partnership with Masjid Al-Salam! We are offering a fun, STEAM-filled week-long class for both K-2 students and 3-5 student. 

July 27th-30th will be for K-2 students.

August 3rd-6th will be for 3-5 students. 


With 80+ kids signed up, we are very excited to delve into the world of STEAM with them! Below is a brief summary of what fun STEAM activities will be conducted each day and supplemental materials to make this partnership as enriching as possible! You can also view a watermarked preview of the PowerPoints for each class! For un-watermarked material, please email us at



Mon, July 27th

The first day of these classes were oriented around introducing STEAM and getting to know the students! We had an engaging icebreaker activity followed by a short presentation on biomes to kickstart this week's theme of "humans in nature."

Tues, July 28th

The second day of our STEAM classes was focused on natural disasters, specifically volcanoes. Featured was a popular live demonstration of an at-home volcano eruption, with at-home instructions found below!

Wed, July 29th

Day 3 involves exploring how outside particles, like viruses and bacteria, can affect humans. For our activity today, students got to engage in a fun escape room to engineer a vaccine using technology and fun games through the escape room!

Thurs, July 30th

The final day of our session was marked with our most popular activity: stepping into the shoes of an engineer to design and build a house in small groups! As the K-2 class comes to an end, we thank all our amazing students and parents for making this possible. Official Team STEAM certificates linked below. 


Mon, Aug 3rd

On this first day of classes, we met our bright kids and played an introductory icebreaker activity to get to know everyone! Then, we discussed the order of life, from an atom to the biosphere, asking engaging questions to spark discussion throughout the presentation!

Tues, Aug 4th

On the second day, students learned about the immune system and how it works to defeat harmful bacteria and germs. Students had so much fun making a "wanted" poster for an imaginary germ villain!

Wed, Aug 5th

Day 3 of Team STEAM was a continuation of Day 2, with students diving more into the science behind COVID-19 and how it has impacted life so greatly.  Students enjoyed letting their creative writing juices flow by desigining their own story of how a virus spreads!

Thurs, Aug 6th

The end of the week was marked with our house-designing and engineering activity! The 3-5 kids built their own house on Google slides. Take a look at the amazing houses they built below!