Team STEAM X ICM classes

Team STEAM is so excited for our first partnership with ICM! We are offering our very first two week class for elementary students, separated into a K-2 group and a 3-5 group, that will be full of FUN and STEAM topics! Below is a brief summary of what fun STEAM activities will be conducted each day and supplemental materials to make this partnership as enriching as possible! You can also view a watermarked preview of the PowerPoints for each class! For un-watermarked material, please email us at


Mon, June 29th

The first day of ICM X Team STEAM classes was oriented around introducing STEAM and getting to know the students! We had a short presentation on biomes to kickstart this week's theme of "our world."

Tues, June 30th

The second day of ICM X Team STEAM picked up with a discussion of the tundra and arctic biome and how it is being impacted by human activities. Students got to engage in a fun virtual game that we hope they enjoyed!

Wed, July 1st

Day 3 of these classes was focused on natural disasters, specifically volcanoes. Featured was a live demonstration of a volcano eruption, with instructions for this demonstration listed below.

Thurs, July 2nd

The week ended with the students stepping into the shoes of a mini engineer and working with groups to design a house! Click "House Gallery" below to see the amazing drawings and houses our kids made!


Mon, July 6th

We kicked off our second week by talking about the brain! For our younger kids session, we explored the five senses and included a couple of mini-activities! For the older students, we discussed the four lobes of the brain and played a guessing game!

Tues, July 7th

Day 6 of our classes explored cardiovascular and respiratory systems! We played a fun game to learn about the relationship between the lungs and the heart and discussed how blood flows throughout our body!

Wed, July 8th

Today, Team STEAM led the students on a tour of the digestive system. We then ended off the lesson by demonstrating the chemical and mechanical processes of digestion through a fun experiment!

Thurs, July 9th

The final day of Team STEAM X ICM classes concluded with a quick exploration of viruses and bacteria and a fun, engaging game. As the class comes to an end, we thank all our talented students and amazing parents for giving us this opportunity! Official Team STEAM Certificates for this class linked below.